How recover staked tokens?

Hello everyone. How can I recover staked tokens that were stolen?

Hello Voidmaster,

I don’t understand what you mean.
What happened?
Explain in detail so we can help you!


Which staked tokens have been stolen from you?

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Hi. Do you mean the tokens in LP?

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I mean, when the station first was open. I had about 500euro worth of lunc in there staked. Then site went down due to hack. And now that it is back agai. I have nearly 0

As dictated by the published roadmap, the “Refund Liquidity Providers Plan Start” is scheduled for August just for those like you who were Liquidity Providers, “I think” that the plan will be published first here on the forum to discuss it, I kindly ask the admins to confirm or deny what I just said to be sure.


Hi :wave: everyone!
Can someone please tell me f I have to collect staking rewards everyday, or if they accumulate in order to collect them like every week?
Thank you in advance for some answer.

Hi Cyclonex, I think this question should be asked in the topic support…

However with regard to the rewards coming from staking you can decide when to withdraw them, you can do it at any time.

Instead, for the rewards coming from the vesting you can make the claim only once every 24 hours.

Have a nice day

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Hello everyone again. Was there any news on those stolen tokens?

Hello, all the details about recovery plan will be discussed after relaunch.

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Hello again, were there any news about lost tokens?

Details of the recovery plan are going to be published once Certik audit is completed. We expect it to be completed next week.

Hello. I know I asked this a lot but I don’t follow the news. Something happened with lost coins? I saw that V3 launched

The funds for refund are being raised. We have to wait but the refund is comming. If you see the last whitepaper and roadmap you can check in official gitbook, you can see that part of the fees are destined to the refund of V1 LP holders.