⚠️ Huge news for Terraport

Today Terraport passes a huge milestone in its journey with the release of the full code audit by CertiK.

:link: Terraport - CertiK Skynet Project Insight

With 247 files audited, the publication of the audit represents a major achievement for us and marks the beginning of a growth phase for the platform in terms of functionality, security, and decentralization.

Terraport’s aim is to bring utility back to the TerraClassic network, and thanks to all its supporters and active community governance, it is now in a position to do so. With many new features being developed such as xchain stable swaps, token factory and launchpad and more, investors and builders have access to native functionality to open up the $LUNC / $USTC ecosystem.

A big thank you to everyone who inspires us to continuously improve and expand Terraport’s capabilities and continues to support us as we work with CertiK to increase its security.