⚠️ Important Terraport update 09.25.2023


There has been immense speculation as to when Terraport V2 will launch. Our roadmap following the industry approach was a plan we wished to achieve with best endeavour and we expected to iterate improvements. However, as with all journeys there are obstacles along the way and also new opportunities that arise enroute. Therefore timelines were always indicative and were not explicit ‘promises’.

As a team our priority is security. We have learned from past events, not only those affecting us, but also those that have happened to others.

The obstacles and opportunities we have encountered enroute have enabled us to reflect and review, improving security directly but also indirectly by improving decentralisation and governance features. They have also enabled us to expedite our roadmap so that features that were to be developed iteratively have been brought forward. Terraport V2 is far more than a relaunch of V1. Where Terraport V1 was effectively a DEX with a token, V2 is a complete Defi package, with governance, free token factory, and a gateway for builders onto TerraClassic.


:man_police_officer: We have an open remit with @Certik to optimise security, and all Terraport smart contracts have been audited.

:balance_scale: Governance has been created giving $TERRA holders full control of spend and smart contract upgrades.

:man_technologist:Terraport development team has been Certik KYC audited, this is far more than an MOT and an ongoing process.

:hammer_and_wrench: All code being deployed will be subject to immutability checks between Github and that deployed.

LAUNCH PHASE. :rocket:

As we come to an end of the V2 development phase, and finalise security improvements with @Certik our security partner, we are moving into the launch phase.

Tomorrow 26th September 16:00 UTC we will SHUT DOWN the Terraport application while we carryout critical prelaunch testing and offline operational certification tests.

:rotating_light:IMPORTANT for USERS​:rotating_light:

:x:While Terraport is SHUTDOWN it is important for security that you;

DO NOT move,

DO NOT use,

DO NOT trade,

your $TERRA tokens otherwise you risk losing them. We will confirm when it is safe to use them again. We appreciate your assistance.

@Terraport will launch when mission control says all systems are ‘ok to go’, that time is fast approaching.

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We have come to the end of our months of excited waiting. I hope everything will be good. Long live Terraport