Listing on CEX's?

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Any news/hints at any upcoming listing on CEX’s? have any individual/collective efforts been excercised to reach out to the big platforms (Binance/Kucoin/MEXC, …) to list TERRA post relaunch?

Although the hack was of great impact, yet it could prove to be a blessing in disguise as it raised awareness about the TERRAPORT project and its significance towards LUNC recovery! The critical steps taken by Trerraport team (Certik, KYC, V2, revised Road-map) boosted the confidence & optimisim in this project more than ever before, and I should argue some of these big platforms would want to contribute to the success by listing the token … most of all is Binance!

I sure hope someone in serious contact with them so TERRA can move in rapid strides ahead of exciting times in the cryposphere!!


Hi Magnifico,

I remind you that terraport with its $TERRA token was born with the aim of supporting the LUNC blockchain. What you say, listing the $TERRA token on the various CEXs, should be the last step to do, since all transactions/burns and everything that can help LUNC doesn’t happen, since with CEXs everything happens offchain!
There will certainly be contacts with the CEXs, to get the stolen funds back.
I remind the reader that not all evils have a silver lining, the admins fought and will fight again to rise again, we have come this far, stronger than before, and the stolen funds have only given us excellent publicity!
I state, I am not an expert in the LUNC blockchain sector, I am only at the beginning, I will be pleased if someone expert in the sector modifies, denies or shares my thoughts!

Have a nice day! :slightly_smiling_face:


you have to differentiate terraport from $terra.

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We have to be clear that terraport is a dex mainly from the terra classic ecosystem that is expected to help burn tokens with the volume that is generated by applying fees. On the other hand, there is the dex token $terra, which would be great if it were listed in cex in the future. Having been in contact with cex can be of great help, so I totally agree.


Does it mean Terraport is more like lunc blue chip?
Would fees be paid in lunc? If so enabling lending borrowing with attractive APR for other lunc Blockchain projects may go a long way… For instance borrow lunce for Terraport…

I think the original idea of creating LPs was great. Initially with the 3 tokens that interest us. In the future they wanted to add more tokens but the issue of fees and the distribution of benefits is up to them.
And yes, the fees for lunc and or ustc have to be charged in all the cex and dex and here apart we will have to burn $terra, in the end it is our token and it is the one that we should give more importance to. never benefit lunc by harming $terra .

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Stay dex as long it can pls

Hello, listing on CEX is not our current priority. There will be listings, but not in the short term. One of the reasons behind the Dex’s creation is to increase volumes, bring utility, and consequently burn tokens on the LUNC blockchain. Being listed on a major CEX would mean a significant loss of on-chain volumes.


Thanks, it made me understand the difference between on and off chain.