Prioritising CEX listings for the time being

To all members;

do you support the idea of prioritising CEX listing over any other activities? and have all the available funds to achieve this goal?

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Hi , one of the team’s priorities is getting listed on the CEX platform. However, what most users overlook is that a forced withdrawal proposed at this moment (I’m talking about $100k/150k) from the fund under governance could lead to a very sudden price drop. Before taking such a step, it’s crucial to stabilize the price and avoid the risk of such a proposal driving it to all-time lows. Thank you.

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Hi John-117,

Your point is well taken/respected, however, it is an argument that can be presented to vote against a presumed Vote!
I sense the majority of members support the absolute prioritisation of CEX listing by all means necessary!
The price has not been stable and will not be stable so long as the supply is outpacing the burn (which has been the case since relaunch) as well as the price of LUNC keeps dropping. I fear nothing will change under the current circumstance! Change can only come if we act to make it happen.
TERRA has gone too low that going a bit lower - temporarily - is no longer a concern for anyone (I should argue), so long as the prize is within reach.
Needless to say, any short term price drop will be ensued by a thriving TERRA market once the listing realised, for the new investors/traders to join in, as well as free publicity & high volumes on the platform leading to fast big burns and sizeable revenues.
I am very keen to hear from other members and what would their argument might be, either For or Against!

I don’t think it’s priority right now. I think priority is getting more projects listed on our DEX, generating volume and fees. Then launching V2 with new characteristics for having an interesting and more appealing platform so people in dex doesn’t just trade to get money and then drop the price, but buy and maybe come arround and use the platform. Out of chain volume is absolutely useless for Terraport since it doesn’t pay fees, not increasing our treasury, not helping refund plan, not burning terra, not burning lunc…
It will obviously affect the price, and everyone thinks about the price and that’s why a lot of users are trying to rush CEX listing fast.
There is something people don’t think about when rushing for a price pump: price also falls with the same violence and speed that it climbed the top…
I want a sustained growth project for long term. For pumps and dumps we have memecoins…


We shall beg to differ. If listing outside DEX is detremental, no DEX would have ever dared to do so, we have enough history in the cryptoshere to believe otherwise.

Once listed on CEX, you should invite countless investors and traders as well as priceless publicity. TERRA price should go up significantly due to large exposure, this promotes the coin and the platform and as a consequence; this provides large arbitrage opportunities which means: more transactions on LUNC, more TERRA burns, more revenues to the Treasurey.

You might be concerned about price volatility, well, bad as it may sound, but it does serve the DEX more than CEX because it become arbitrage game and speculation show!

An interesting point to make; people who truely believe in TERRAPORT, would seize the opportunity to buy the dip once they made awsome returns on their investment and what will entice new investors to come around is the future upcoming features to be added.

There is nothing to fear or dread about CEX listing otherthan fear itself … I should argue

I said I think it’s not priority right now, not that we shouldn’t do it at all, ever.
It’s a matter of time.
Listing in CEXs is not debateable. It’s a must. I agree about all bennefits it has to get listed, but I keep thinking that the time is not now. The dex should be able to pay the listing with product of the dex itself, which would prove that the bussiness work. Selling millions of terra with the liquidity that actually have at the pool we will kill the price and scare all investors, get a super low liquidity pool, that would be to risky. No need to rush.

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