Providing Liquidity

I’ve seen the new Stakebin list that shows the contracts by fees:
Check “Top Contracts by Tx Fees”

As we all can see, Terraport has several contracts among the top 10. That means volume of terraport’s contracts is probably the first on chain considering it as a whole. The second contract is Terraswap’s Lunc/Ustc pool. As volatility hits the Linc or Ustc prices, that pool is being used by community for making trades and it’s the main lunc pool they have.

My idea is starting to add liquidity from our CP for funding our own Lunc/Ustc and start to compete with our main competitor that now is Terraswap. If we have a deep pool, when Lunc or Ustc make some important moves, people will start to use it heavily, to avoid slippage and even for arbitrage with Terraport’s. If we have a deep pool, maybe even some whales will use it.

The main reason why I propose this is because I’m thinking about the volume. We have deep Terra pools with lunc and ustc, and we have te router, but if we add the lunc/ustc, that could totally bring some big volume to our DEX.

More volume means more lunc burns, more terraport buyback & weekly burns, more fees to replenish the CP.

As we have launched in a CEX, Terraport volume had decreased and I think that this is a popular pool that would bring it back to us.

I also think that this pool should have a farm aswell, to increase the incentives and popularity. In the best case scenario, some LP providers of Terraswap will see that they can get a better treat here at Terraport’s DEX, so they could bring that liquidity here. We could be the N°1 pool and the deepest one. Any whale that would like to make a swap, would choose us.

I want to know what you guys think about this and if you see that it’s sensible and a path to follow, let’s vote for it!