Suggestion: introducing fees to using Token/Pair Factory

This is a suggestion to associate some fees to the imminent Token/Pair Factory addition on the Platform.

The idea is to add value to TERRA and the Platform. A suggested reasonable fees - perhaps $25 worth of TERRA to be introduced for the use of this service!

Levied fees can be used to Burn TERRA as well as contribute to Treasury, may be at 50:50 basis.

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I think the Beta could be free, since it’s like a testing phase, but I would agree that it should have a symbolic fee for the platform to be able to be sustainable. I don’t know if the best fee is $25 or $10 or $100 or whatever, but to have a symbolic fee would be a message for creators: we contribute to you, you contribute with us.

I think that some more complex mechanism could be a solution. The fee could be payed or deduced after listing, and payed in the project tokens. Our CP could bennefit of recieving oher project tokens so it’s more or less free for the project, we both bet to a future valuation of the token, and we both contribute to it. We provide token factory, launchpad, listing and community. They provide a fee in their own token (free for them) and Terraport gets the chance of a future valuation if the token is successful and it grows. It could have vesting for Terraport aswell.

Chain fees are already cheap enough and now factoring tokens is also available for non-dev projects. A small fee wouldn’t be any reason for projects not to use it.