Terraport DEX alternative launching on another chain

Terraport DEX Launching on a another Blockchain:

Terraport DEX Expansion:
Exploring Opportunities Beyond Luna Classic

Greetings, fellow forum members!
Today, I’m excited to kick off a discussion about the future of Terraport, a decentralized exchange (DEX) that has been making waves in the blockchain space. As many of you may know, Terraport currently operates on the Luna Classic chain, but recent frustrations with scalability and inability to attract new investors have prompted discussions about exploring opportunities on alternative blockchains. In this forum, let’s dive into the potential benefits, challenges, and implications of launching Terraport on a new blockchain. Your insights and perspectives are invaluable as we consider the next steps for Terraport’s evolution.

Key Points for Discussion:

  1. Current Challenges: What are the main challenges faced by Terraport on the Luna Classic chain? How have these challenges impacted user experience and platform functionality?

  2. Opportunities on Alternative Blockchains: Which blockchain(s) do you believe would be a good fit for hosting Terraport? What specific features or attributes of these blockchains make them suitable for supporting a DEX like Terraport?

  3. Benefits of Migration: What potential benefits do you foresee in migrating Terraport to a new blockchain? How might scalability improvements, lower transaction fees, and enhanced performance contribute to the growth and success of Terraport?

  4. Community Impact: How do you think the Terraport community would be affected by a blockchain migration? What steps can be taken to ensure a smooth transition and maintain community engagement throughout the process?

  5. Risks and Considerations: What are the potential risks or challenges associated with launching Terraport on a new blockchain? How can these risks be mitigated, and what factors should be taken into account when evaluating different blockchain options?

Join the Discussion:
I invite all forum members to share their thoughts, insights, and questions about the possibility of launching Terraport on a new blockchain. Whether you’re a seasoned blockchain enthusiast or new to the space, your perspective is valuable in shaping the future of Terraport and the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem as a whole. Let’s collaborate and explore the exciting possibilities ahead!

Looking forward to hearing from you all!

Kees Okpo


I support the idea of expanding Terraport.finance on multiple blockchain networks.

Hope the team is already working on it.

This will require re-writing of the whitepaper! Something many members scream against everytime someone hints at such thing!!

Terraport manifesto is about LUNC first & foremost, to support & promote its success!

I suspect the reason for such suggestion is to enhance the financial aspect of the coin, this can be achieved by many other methods, including bridging over to other networks, which would be a better alternative to this idea since it does not require new minting of TERRA.

Interesting topic and one that has been considered many times by the development team.
Regards the white paper, I think anything else delivered on top of the topics in the whitepaper would not necessarily be considered negative. On the contrary, I imagine that any action taken by the development team or anyone else that adds value to Terraport would be seen as positive. I suspect only if something appears to not create an immediate rise in ‘price’ that it may be considered less than optimal by some. Terraport is a long term project though.