Terraport Price 💰

hello everyone,
I am opening this discussion with the intention of understanding the sentiment just before the relaunch of Terraport.

Obviously we don’t yet have any certain elements to be able to identify a correct price, and I would like to analyse with you the variables that could influence the price, but I would like to ask you:

What will Terraport’s price be immediately at the relaunch?

where will we go in the medium and long term?


I think that price will go up in shorter time than before, according to the higher buy pressure thanks to all the efforts done for relaunch/funds recovery


The price at the relaunch cannot be known yet. What the price of $TERRA will be in the short and long term will be determined by the market.
Surely seeing that there are people buying $TERRA in the Coinhall pools at $70 makes you think a lot about the desire to have this token in your Wallet.


Hi elpend,

There are many variables at play, among the many I list a few that can come into play:

  1. The price is still tied to LUNC, as the pools are on TERRA/LUNC, since the funds were stolen, the value of LUNC has almost halved, so think that the value must AT LEAST be half as it was before.

  2. The exact value of how many funds came back is not known

  3. Even if the price will be lower than the presale, there are people who are still hungry for $TERRA, see for example people who buy $TERRA on Coinhall (WARNING, IT IS NOT AN OFFICIAL POOL, STAY AWAY, IT IS STRONGLY NOT RECOMMENDED TO USE IT).

  4. A price below the presale will still be excellent for buying pressure as we know that the price had previously reached an ATH of 0.27~ and consequently it will be an excellent purchase price.

At the moment I can’t find any other variables, but I think these are the main ones.

I look forward to other people who can add or change what I just said!

Have a nice day! :slightly_smiling_face:


the only way to buy terra tokens is using lunc or ustc?

Hi Worldtrader,

Initially you can exchange $TERRA with USTC and LUNC, which will be the two initial pools (TERRA/USTC and TERRA/LUNC) to be able to exchange, then with time new pools can be created and consequently exchange $TERRA with other tokens.

Have a nice day! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hay The price of lunch has fallen by half, that’s true. But at the time of the theft Terra cost 0.2 or so. So I don’t see why the starting price would have to be lower than that of the presale 2

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I am of the thought that the price should be higher than the last ATH because then the staked volume was about 37m and now we are approaching 50m staked so by logic, if the same liquidity pool is injected, we should see a higher price.

The stolen funds are not from the token but from the pools. therefore the price of the token should not be affected. I think that what will make the price vary are the tokens in circulation, which will now be more and finally there are no 50 million staked since the two shortest ones have expired.