Thoughts about staking and circulating supply

Greetings to all, first post for me I hope I can start a constructive and useful discourse for all.

Since we are currently in a “rebirth” phase, and the only active option is staking our tokens, I wanted to start the discussion with a question: how important is it for the good of the platform to put our tokens in staking?

Besides receiving rewards what is the impact on the circulating supply and therefore its future price?

I can only imagine that, the current APRs, will not be there forever so we are in a very favorable moment now? considering that (IMHO) Terra is a hodler token and not speculative

Also since we also have a governance section I think sooner or later the time will come to vote on proposals.

It would be interesting to discuss how the choice of voting power will happen.

Happy to discuss with you regarding these topics, hoping to enrich our knowledge


I think staking is crucial as it allows the circulating stock to be lowered and allows the price to soar upwards.

from this point of view I think Terra has once again gained the confidence of investors and the numbers prove it.

with regard to APRs, I also think that they won’t last forever and that’s why I’ll try to take advantage of them as long as I can.

it will be interesting to see what APRs will be in place between now and the months after the swap opens.

on the voting power I have not read any info about it, however I think the same thing can happen as with the validators on TS with the Lunc. The more Terra you hold in your wallet the greater the voting power.


Hi elpend, I think you still don’t understand how the “governance” part will work and that’s why I’m here to help you.
Below, I am attaching the extract of the whitepeaper where it explains how it will work!

Terraport is in the hands of the Community Governance will not be managed by
a small number of privileged members, but will be governed by “TERRA DAO.”
DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is made by all the users who will have the most interest in the development and growth of this platform.
One will only be able to vote and create new proposals, then join TERRA DAO, by holding the xTERRA governance token.
Governance token: xTERRA

In order to initiate new proposals, to vote, you will need to hold the Governance token “xTERRA” in your wallet.
$TERRA holders will receive a counter value of xTERRA usable in governance, if they decide to stake or become Liquidity Providers in a $TERRA exchange pool, they will receive a value of xTERRA amplified in a 1:1xZ proportion according to this formula: .
Where X is the amount of $TERRA held, if locked in Staking or in the Liquidity Pool generate Y (the leverage applied based on the type of lock made) and Z is the amount of amplified xTERRA tokens obtained.

There are 3 amplification parameters:
● Liquidity providing: a Liquidity Provider of a $TERRA pool will receive a value of xTERRA amplified in a proportion of 1:1.5
● Standard staking: choosing a $TERRA staking product will result in a counter value of xTERRA amplified in a proportion of 1:2.

● Locked staking: choosing a $TERRA staking product will result in a countervalue of xTERRA amplified in a proportion of 1:1xT where the variable T is the number of weeks of staking constraint…
Governance Proposals and Voting Processes
Terraport Governance proposals will be used to propose ideas, fund projects,
change parameters, and community opinion. There are 3 types of Proposals:
● Parameter Change Proposal: To change the parameters defined in each platform component.
● Community Pool Proposal: To spend funds in the community pool.

● Textual Proposal: to handle difficult problems or make a decision that
requires manual implementation.
To create a new proposal you will have to freeze $TERRA tokens until the end of voting, this will serve to prevent spam and prevent malicious people from endangering ecosystem.

Four options will be available for voting:
1. YES - I support the proposal;
2. NO - I am against the proposal;
3. ABSTAIN - I have no interest in voting;
4. PENALTY - I consider the proposal to be fraudulent or have the ability to affect the integrity of the platform or harm the users, $TERRA tokens bound for the creation of the proposal will be sent to the Terraport treasury.

Proposals are accepted if they fulfil this conditions:
● Quorum is reached with 30% of the total circulating xTERRA votes.
● The total of Penalty votes is less than 25% of the total votes.
● Threshold is reached if the number of YES votes is greater than the number of NO votes. ABSTAIN votes are excluded from the Threshold count but allow the Quorum to be reached.
If the above conditions are not met, the proposal will be rejected and the TERRA frozen will be sent directly to the treasury.

I think that the information above helped you understand how governance will work, if you have any other doubts, don’t hesitate to ask, this community is strong and won’t back down to help its members!

Have a nace day! :slightly_smiling_face:


thanks for your clarification Caesar :muscle:


Excellent explanation mate!! :fire: